A brief analysis on the changes introduced to the Commercial Code by the Decree-Law 1/2018 of 04 of May

Introduction The Council of Ministers (CM) introduced changes to the Commercial Code (CCom), approved by the Decree-Law 2/2005 of 27 of December and changed by the Decree-Law 2/2009 of 24 April, through the Decree-Law 1/2018 of 04 of May (DL 1/2018). For the mentioned changes, the CM obtained an authorization from the Parliament through the [...]

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The Regulation on leave for a day off

THE PRACTICAL EFFECT OF THE APPROVAL OF THE REGULATION ON LEAVE FOR DAY OFF IN MOZAMBIQUE Introduction In the last years it has been frequent the concession of leave for a day off by the Minister that superintends the labor area before, during and/or after the holidays and other commemoratives dates based on the need [...]

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